Jungle Boy on his match: This one for me has the most history behind it

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Jungle Boy on his match: This one for me has the most history behind it

Jungle Boy Jack Perry is faced with an interesting challenge. In an interview with ComicBook.com, Jungle Boy talked about the Full Gear match and its importance. Perry is very emotional. “I’ve got to wrestle for some championships.

I’ve just been in there with a lot of the best wrestlers in the world, but this one for me has the most history behind it. There’s an emotional tension in there. The fact that it’s in a steel cage kind of just amplifies the entire thing.

I think as far as a singles match in AEW so far, I would say this is the biggest one for me”. - Perry said, as quoted by pwmania.com


AEW has certain modifications and differences compared to other companies, and one of the interesting differences is the cage.

“I was talking to The Young Bucks and apparently the way our cage is built is pretty unique because of the size of it. It’s particularly tall. Everyone says it’s super tall once you get up there. The distance between the ropes and the cage is bigger than usual”.

Cody Rhodes and Wardlow were his examples of how he would act in his match. He learned a lot from such a match, and he will try to apply it. “I watched the first AEW cage match, which was Wardlow and Cody. I’m not even as big as Cody, but that was a dynamic of a bigger guy taking on a smaller guy, and that’s obviously what’s going on here.

I wanted to get a feel of how that went for him. It looked a little rough. I’ve never had a cage match before. I imagine it’s going to hurt a fair bit, but I think it’s going to be worth it because I think this is really the only way that I can accomplish what I need to accomplish”.