Tony Khan Refuses to Comment on CM Punk’s AEW Future


Tony Khan Refuses to Comment on CM Punk’s AEW Future

Tony Khan, the current AEW President, has been extremely tight-lipped about the whole CM Punk situation. We know for sure that CM Punk is injured and even if he wasn’t suspended, he couldn’t wrestle anyway. CM Punk and The Elite were involved in a backstage brawl, which led to The Elite and CM Punk being taken off AEW TV.

The brawl occurred just after CM Punk made some harsh comments about The Elite, Colt Cabana, and Adam Page.

Tony Khan Does Not Comment on CM Punk's Future in AEW

CM Punk was at one time considered the most famous professional wrestler in the world.

He was a top draw for AEW and he actually helped AEW get the ratings that they had longed for. However, CM Punk was also injured a few times during his AEW run. His first injury occurred after he tried jumping over the railings during his entrance and broke his foot.

He then suffered what many people believe is a torn bicep, which would have kept him out of professional wrestling for at least 6 months. Tony Khan, the current AEW President praised and defended CM Punk on a number of occasions.

For example, former WCW Executive Producer, Eric Bischoff stated that CM Punk will not be able to make a significant impact in the world of professional wrestling when he debuts for AEW. That actually proved to be wrong. However, Tony Khan could not find an easy way out of the whole situation that occurred after AEW All Out.

He was forced to strip CM Punk, who was the AEW World Champion at that time and immediately hold a tournament to decide who will be the new AEW World Champion. All the members of The Elite were also suspended, even though all of them were Executive Vice Presidents.

The Elite will return to wrestle at AEW Full Gear though and it appears that AEW’s own investigation did not go in the favor of CM Punk. Tony Khan had this to say about CM Punk when he was asked about him during the AEW Full Gear Media call.

"I can't comment on that," Khan said. "I have nothing but positive things to say about the contributions CM Punk has made in AEW onscreen," he added, "and certainly a lot of positive things to say about the things he did in AEW to date, and I can't comment on that. But I do understand why you'd ask, and I appreciate you asking."

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