AEW wants to conquer the world

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AEW wants to conquer the world

Over the past three years, WWE has had a lot of trouble from a new pro-wrestling company that has become a world powerhouse, going from being a small company to being a very large company in a very short time. . We are obviously talking about All Elite Wrestling, the company of the Khan family.

For several months there was already talk of a possible landing of the All Elite in some country of the United Kingdom, which has become a reality, since it was announced that "London Is Calling" and the AEW will officially debut in the United Kingdom in 2023, although not you have further details on the place or date.

But that's not all, because the company, remaining in the United States, expands the tour of the cities that it usually visits with its tour for the various episodes: the company will hold its AEW Dynamite show at Phoenix's Footprint Center on Wednesday 22 February 2023, and as usual, it will also record AEW Rampage after Dynamite airs.

Then the following week, San Francisco's Cow Palace will host AEW Dynamite, with the show taking place on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. Unlike Phoenix, however, San Francisco will have a live edition of AEW Rampage on Friday March 3, 2023, also at Cow Palace.

The Jacksonville company will also make its debut in the following cities: Seattle in Washington, Portland in Oregon and Fresno in California.

AEW dreams

In October, AEW President Tony Khan closed his second week media tour by meeting Barstool Rasslin’s Brandon F.

Walker. With him Khan spoke above all about the competition with the WWE: "I've talked a lot, but facts will speak louder than words. I'm trying to give fans the opportunity to watch their favorite wrestling. I'm also coining a phrase; watch your wrestling.

WYW, watch your wrestling. I think fans should be able to watch what they want and I love the fact that AEW has become the choice of so many of them." Speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the WWE veteran noted that The EVPs seemingly didn't want CM Punk in AEW because he exposed their limited drawing power: "They didn't want Punk there from the start.

I'm talking about the hardly boys [The Young Bucks] and old twinkle toes [Kenny Omega] because he exposed them. These guys he exposed for their limited audience," Cornette said. "He [Tony Khan] thought that he could f**king put together a national wrestling promotion on their backs. When he found out those backs weren't wide enough to carry it."