Andrade El Idolo suffered an injury

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Andrade El Idolo suffered an injury

Andrade El Idolo should have fought in a RGR Lucha Libre show, but unfortunately he was removed from the event card due to some physical problems that are afflicting him and preventing him from actively fighting as he would like.

The promotion recently released a video message from the former Sombra on Facebook, where he says he will not be able to appear at the company's November 20 show in Cudahy, California. In the video, Andrade, wearing the typical hospital gown, talks about the very problem that is keeping him resting at home.

"Greetings to all my friends in LA! I would have loved to have met you all this Sunday, but I had a problem to solve. I'll give more details later. If it had been up to me, I would have loved to have been there with all of you." I hope to see you all in Los Angeles and I apologize."

Andrade El Idolo injured and suspended

Former WCW United States Champion Konnan has aired his frustrations with how Andrade El Idolo has been presented during his time in AEW so far.

Lately, as you well know, Andrade did not appear in All Elite Wrestling because he had a heavy fight with Sammy Guevara in the backstage following some statements made during an interview, even going so far as to get his hands on him hoping perhaps to be fired from a company that a he said he does not use it as it should.

In this regard, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has made it known that Charlotte Flair's husband is "currently suspended from the AEW" and it is precisely for this reason that for some time now we have not seen him regularly on Dynamite or Rampage, but he continues to accept.

booking from other independent companies, especially those linked to Lucha Libre, an art that has also belonged to his family for centuries and has accompanied him throughout his career. After what happened, according to Dave Meltzer many important people in the AEW backstage did not like his behavior: “In private, some of the key talents are even more angry with Andrade because of the timing with which all this happened, due to the fact that Andrade is fully aware of this, and how he made the company appear in public.

How long has Andrade [El Idolo] been [in AEW]?" Konnan added. "In one year, tell me something he’s done that you’ve liked. [Mentions his match with Cody] Okay he’s had one good match in one year, what else?”