New details on CM Punk's future

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New details on CM Punk's future

CM Punk is experiencing difficult months after being suspended due to the brawl that arose in the post All Out with the Elite. The former WWE Superstar would seem increasingly distant now from All Elite Wrestling and in fact the parties would be discussing a buy-out contract in order to facilitate his departure from the company.

Latest news on CM Punk

According to reports from the latest updates of the usual Wrestling Observer newsletter, the relationship between CM Punk and Tony Khan would be at an all-time low. To make matters worse was the return on-screen of Colt Cabana who battled Chris Jericho at Dynamite, after quite some time since the last time.

CM Punk has always been convinced that he has nothing to do with Colt Cabana's stop from AEW but many within the federation think the opposite and a return of Cabana, during the suspension of the Best In The World, is the demonstration of all that.

Punk has denied several times that he specifically requested that he be sent away but, even if that were true, he could still be connected in some way. There seems to be no news regarding the status of CM Punk, although missing from the AEW screens since winning the title at All Out, it still remains officially under contract with its merchandising which continues to be sold quietly.

In a media meeting ahead of Full Gear's pay-per-view this weekend, Tony Khan revealed that he didn't know what CM Punk was going to say during the post-All Out press conference. he also spent nice words towards Punk and his important contribution.

In the days following the rumors of his goodbye to AEW, speculations have increased for a return to WWE but not as a full-time wrestler. The Hall Of Famer Booker T did not, however, rule out the possibility of seeing him in action at Triple H's court.

At the moment it seems rather difficult for him to return, but if it were to happen, it would be nothing short of surprising. On the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling's SmackTalk, Dutch Mantell told Sid Pullar III that he thinks The Game will prevent the seven-time World Champion from ever returning to WWE.

"Triple H is going to stop CM Punk from ever setting foot in WWE. And they [WWE] don't need him. If this had been three months ago, they needed everything three months ago. But they kind of filled those gaps in and I don't think there's any need for CM Punk."