Chris Jericho talks about the future of wrestling

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Chris Jericho talks about the future of wrestling

AEW fans have now seen numerous different wrestlers on the federation shows, many weren't even part of the roster and all this thanks to some collaborations. In fact, President Tony Khan has always been open to this type of deal with other wrestling federations while WWE has never done so.

After crossing AEW with Impact Wrestling, AAA, NWA and New Japan Pro Wrestling, many fans have often wondered if there were any chances that one day a collaboration with the Stamford company might come. WWE veteran Jim Cornette thinks there is something sketchy about top AEW star Chris Jericho putting talent over in CM Punk's absence.

Chris Jericho is a legend

On a possible agreement of this type, Chris Jericho, former WWE star, said his opinion in an episode of Howie Mandel Does Stuff on a crossover between the two federations: "The WWE for years had the monopoly of this sport.

My boss, Tony Khan, has always been a wrestling fanatic all his life and has decided to start his own federation. It's always nice to have more competition. Of course we are just that we are in the same world as wrestling.

In reality, no one sees it that way. They do what they do and we do ours. We are both very successful too. Sure I think it's every wrestling fan's dream but either way most likely nothing like that will happen. Within our small universes we have crossovers with other companies from other countries, but between WWE and AEW no crossover and I think there will be nothing.

It would be like DC versus Marvel." It is recent news that Chris Jericho never managed to have a real friendship with Triple H. In his first experiences in WWF / WWE, Jericho saw as a friend The Game, but the thing was never mutual, indeed according to him, Triple H had hostility towards him for professional reasons, mainly related to his past in WCW.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, the former WWE manager felt it was all part of Jericho's plan to make himself the ultimate top guy in AEW. "When have you seen that happen last time that Jericho would get pinned one two three on tellular vision? It's all part of the plan, it's perfect.

The one time that he put somebody over, it's Claudio [Castagnoli], a guy that everybody likes," Cornette said. The title match will take place this week on AEW Dynamite at the Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena in Baltimore, Maryland.