Britt Baker wants to make history

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Britt Baker wants to make history

AEW Full Gear 2022 will be staged tonight, with a card that promises really well and gives us good hope of being able to see a unique show, made up of returns, belts up for grabs and rivalries that need a nice conclusion.

A match that has certainly created hype for this event, is the one that will take place between Britt Baker, face of the women's division of the AEW, and the returning Saraya, who after years of stop due to a major neck injury, will get back into the game on ring to try to defeat his rival.

Britt Baker wants to shine

Just yesterday, on the Twitch channel of Donne Tra Le Corde, the blog talked about this match while retracing the highlights of the former Paige's career in WWE, and in the meantime Britt Baker released some statements to Sports Illustrated: "I don't take This opportunity lightly.

It's a challenge I take. Saraya is a star. She is one of the best fighters in the world. Not everyone knows Britt Baker. Having a match with a star of her caliber is the next step I need in my career . I feel similar to the way I felt before the "Lights Out" match against Pink Thunder.

I knew the match had to be excellent. I'm back in that position, and I'm ready to do well," Baker said. The former AEW Women 's World Champion also said that she was initially worried about Saraya's neck, but now that the doctors have given her the okay, the war begins: “She has had her permission.

At this point, her neck is probably better than mine. At first I was really worried. Working around someone's neck is very difficult. But she is fine, and we will fight." Then he concluded by stating: "You will see two extremely passionate professional wrestlers fighting as if their life depended on it.

We both need to win this match to get to the next point in our careers. When wrestling is your life, as it is for. us, it's a matter of life or death." Britt Baker revealed that she didn't sign a contract with WWE back in 2016 as she was still in dental school at the time.

"But, Canyon Ceman, at the time, he was like the gatekeeper for independent wrestlers to get into NXT. He pulled me aside at the end of the tryout. And he was like, 'you know, you've just started dental school. As a father, I have a hard time pulling you from a professional degree.' My heart dropped," revealed Britt Baker.