Jake Roberts is close to returning

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Jake Roberts is close to returning

In May, during the "Grilling JR" podcast, Jim Ross talked about Jake Roberts' health condition: “I only saw him a few weeks ago and he is still battling his respiratory problems. He is not in excellent health.

That's why he's not often seen on AEW TV shows like he used to be with Lance Archer. It must be said that his health is not good at all and he is struggling to solve his health problems. He is still having surgery. He really has a rather serious problem to solve."

Furthermore, in December 2021, Roberts pointed out that he had not been to work for three months as Tony Khan had tried to protect him so as not to make him contract COVID which in that period had again reached a high peak of prevalence affecting several people, and knowing the delicate health conditions of the legend, it was decided to leave him at home.

But in any case sadly, The Snake eventually contracted him anyway.

Jake Roberts feels better

In November 2020, Jake Roberts revealed that he had been in hospital for several months, but not for COVID, but for a hereditary disease that gives him respiratory problems and also because he is a smoker anyway.

"About a week ago, man, I couldn't stop coughing and breathing. That's not okay, you know? I ended up having to go to the hospital and stay for a couple of days. I wish I could say this was COVID, but not. It's, it's not.

What I have is worse than COVID. It's something that was passed down to me from my family, a thing that I inherited and all, you know? Sure, I'm an ignorant motherfucker. I smoke cigarettes . Guys, if you never do anything in your life, don't smoke and you'll live a lot happier, I promise you.

Really. I mean, it's the bastard companies that hook us all and get us all into that situation, it's bullshit. But , yes, it's serious for me." The positive thing is that he has now removed the oxygen and can return to work in AEW, as announced on his social networks: "I have definitely taken off the oxygen !!

I'm on my feet and I'm doing great. I'm back in AEW again !! I'm living a good life." Former WWE manager Jim Cornette has weighed in on the recent promo by Jake Roberts on AEW Dynamite. “There in lies the problem with a great wrestling promo trying to become a manager.

He has no idea how to talk about other people and get other people over, and we are all a little less mentally nimble than we were when we were younger. Jake [Roberts] can still tell these dark and sinister with his promos but sometimes it sounds like he starts in the middle and you lost something at the beginning."