Lee Moriarty: "I didn't know that MJF.."

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Lee Moriarty: "I didn't know that MJF.."
Lee Moriarty: "I didn't know that MJF.."

Lee Moriarty talked about a variety of topics in an interview with the "Talk is Jericho" podcast. Moriarty also revealed that Tony Khan approached him and had an interesting proposition for him; To join The Firm. "It was a very well-kept secret.

I didn’t know it was MJF until that night. The way it started was, I was with Matt Sydal and Dante Martin in kind of a group. Tony Khan pulled me aside in the locker room, he asked me a question. He said, ‘Would you be comfortable dying your hair?’ Didn’t explain why or anything like that.

He just said it would be coming with a big push and things like that, more opportunities. I said yeah, I’m cool with it. My trainers taught me to take something if they give it to you and just make the most of it. It’s hair, it’ll grow back in the future.

That happened, they didn’t really tell me exactly what. They just said it was gonna be a group. Stokely told me it’s gonna be a big thing, and I trusted everyone who told me about it. I trusted Tony, I trusted QT, I trusted Stokely.

After I took that business card when I defeated Matt Sydal back in July, disappeared for a month. Came back and then get the poker chip. I didn’t know it was MJF until afterwards. So after he got the poker chip and walked off, back to his trailer, I found out.

It was a really well-kept secret”. - Moriarty said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Lee Moriarty

Moriarty didn't know the details, but things became clearer to him later. "I didn’t find out until I was watching at home.

The only person I knew was Ethan Page because I heard them talking about the promo that they had, when Stokely was gonna offer the card. But before that, I didn’t know the Gunns were gonna be in. I didn’t know Morrissey was gonna be in it, but whenever I saw Morrissey, that’s kind of when I leaned towards, I think it’s MJF. But I never had concrete evidence”.


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