Chavo Guerrero Talks About CM Punk’s Possible WWE Return

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Chavo Guerrero Talks About CM Punk’s Possible WWE Return

Chavo Guerrero is a professional wrestling veteran, and he recently spoke about whether CM Punk will ever return to the WWE. He also spoke about CM Punk’s possible AEW exit. Many people believe that CM Punk will return to the WWE after he leaves the AEW.

CM Punk was at the center of controversy after the AEW All Out Media Scrum where he called out Colt Cabana, Adam Page and members of The Elite. After the Media Scrum, members of the Elite and CM Punk were involved in a backstage brawl that resulted in both parties being suspended.

Ace Steel was also involved in the fight.

Chavo Guerrero Comments on CM Punk's Situation and Whether He Will Join WWE

There are various reports that suggest that AEW might end up buying CM Punk’s contract. This would mean that CM Punk would never return to the company, at least in the near future.

CM Punk was at one time AEW’s biggest star. In fact, he helped AEW achieve very good ratings consistently and all of CM Punk’s fans started following AEW due to him. Wrestling Inc. recently asked Chavo to comment on the situation.

Chavo believes that CM Punk’s AEW run has actually come to an end after all that has happened. "Unfortunately, man, I was really excited to have Punk back in wrestling with AEW," Guerrero said. "I think he has something to give, a lot.

And for that to happen ... he's an outspoken guy, a very volatile guy, and sometimes wears his heart on his sleeve too much in a sense." Chavo actually worked for AEW in 2021. He made a few appearances as a manager for the promotion.

However, Chavo did not pick any side, as he understands both the position of both parties. Chavo was then asked to comment on whether we will see CM Punk back in the WWE after he is truly done with AEW. "I'd never say never, because there's money to be made anywhere that.

... Especially WWE," Guerrero said. "Well, when Vince was there, he'd put his ego aside and make the money, and then fire you later, fire you afterwards." AEW has still not managed to reach an agreement with CM Punk and has not been able to buy out his contract yet. According to many sources, the non-compete clause is the reason why CM Punk hasn’t been bought out yet.