Saraya wants to get back on top

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Saraya wants to get back on top
Saraya wants to get back on top (Provided by Wrestling World)

During the last night, the All Elite Wrestling of the Khan family broadcast its latest ppv, Full Gear, an event full of matches, including many titles. The most exciting and most anticipated was certainly the main event, which saw MJF succeed in sensationally beating the reigning champion, Jon Moxley, thanks to the help of his indispensable brass knuckles, with a William Regal on the ring-side very disappointed with the thing, even if it left fans with doubt, after a smile exchanged with the winner.

In addition to the male champions, it was also the women's evening at Full Gear, with Toni Storm who had to give her title to the new champion Jamie Hater, who had been helped abundantly by Britt Baker, with shots not seen by the referee.

The dispute in which Britt Baker, the former AEW doctor, was instead involved was the return match of Saraya, the former Paige of the WWE, with the two who put on a great dispute, despite inactivity of 5 years of the English athlete.

Saraya is working hard

After taking part in the AEW ppv, Full Gear, complete with a victory for her, Saraya also took part in the post-ppv press conference, which was obviously also present the president of the company Tony Khan.

After hearing the words of Khan, who said that he would never have allowed Saraya to return to the fight if he had not received the 100% okay from the AEW medical staff, Saraya herself thought about how it went. his evening, with the athlete who in fact told: "Even with my match today, I felt rusty, it's been 5 years.

Every time I go out there I try to give my 110%. I do and always did. I try to give everything I have. Working with Britt, she is a real star, she is an absolute star. A long story told in a short time, I had a lot of work to do in a short time and I will have a lot more to do." In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, the Anti-Diva spoke about her certainty of who was behind the leaked photos and videos.

"People just think I put 'em on the internet. and I am like I'd never, that wasn't even on my phone! That stuff wasn't in my cloud, it wasn't in my stuff. It was on my boyfriend's at the time's phone. So, I mean I believe it was him, he can deny it all he wants. But I believe it was him, 'cause no one else had that stuff."

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