MJF comments on his victory

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MJF comments on his victory
MJF comments on his victory (Provided by Wrestling World)

AEW Full Gear aired on the night between Saturday and Sunday and a match that many were waiting for was the one between The Salt of The Earth MJF and AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, with the latter's title being won. Surprisingly, thanks to the interference of William Regal who betrayed Moxley, MJF managed to take home the victory and the AEW world heavyweight title, under the astonished eyes of all.

MJF shone

During the post PPV press conference, MJF presented himself to the reporters with the belt around his waist, full of anger, venting without limits on what happened: "For the umpteenth time the ship was guided correctly.

This belt is now the most important in the entire sector of this sport, and it is thanks to three simple letters. I'm damn sure they're not AEW. I know for a *** or reason they're not even MOX. The three letters are MJF. Good heavens, you are truly fools.

No offense, but are you stupid? You idiots believed every single word I had to say in the last couple of months, right? “I want to earn it” “I want this, that”. I deserve this title because I'm the best wrestler in the world, f ***.

Each of you here knows. At the microphone, in the ring, no one can reach me. This is a fact, no one can reach my level. And to think you guys believed me, even though we made Tony Khan look bad. Grow, c *** o, no offense, you have to grow." When asked what happened between him and William Regal, MJF didn't stop at all: “You think I'm going to tell you something.

With thousands of people watching from home, walking away from Grandma's basement to find out what happened, do you think I'll tell you something? Do you think I give a shit? If you want to know something from the most important man in professional wrestling, you need to tune in to me, who is present every Wednesday on TBS.

You know damn well that's the channel to tune into. Here's what the fuck is going to happen now: I'll take a shower, get all the shit out of me thanks to Moxley, then tomorrow morning I'll do something no one else on the roster has ever done because I'm the only star here, or I'll get on my Jet and go to my damn movie set.

Anyone have any questions for me? Just kidding, go f *** o. Thank you, goodbye. Roman Reigns lost in the key demographic to Ruby Soho [when SmackDown went head-to-head with AEW Rampage for thirty minutes on October 15], and Ruby Soho sucks, so I don’t know what to tell you.

Yeah, but I’m not gonna go out of my way and talk sh*t about him because I respect him."

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