Saraya comes out of her character

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Saraya comes out of her character
Saraya comes out of her character (Provided by Wrestling World)

During AEW Full Gear 2022, Saraya, formerly known as Paige in WWE, faced Britt Baker in a very important match for her. In fact, after seeing her contract expire in July 2022 with WWE, Saraya has signed with AEW. After appearing on TV, she started a feud with the person who is considered to be the face of the Jacksonville company's women's division, Britt Baker, and the two continued their work all the way to pay-per-view, where the English he was able to fight after five years absent from the ring due to a major neck injury.

Saraya praises Britt Baker

Speaking during the post-event press conference, Saraya praised the doctor, saying that he helped her a lot by dragging her through this whole feud, first with the promos and then in the match.

These are her words: “It took me a long time and I know I'm rusty. It's been five years and I tried to give 110% and I felt like I did, I gave as much as I could. Working with Britt, she is a star, an absolute star. She helped me a lot.

In short, I have worked hard and will continue to do so. Britt was the first to ever get signed here, she built this division, so I totally understand that, I was a stranger coming in, but she was more between me and Britt.

It was a special moment for the two of us. I'm getting out of character a little bit here, but I feel like Britt has dragged me through the whole storyline. Truly, she is an absolute professional. I was rusty when I did the promos and stuff.

I feel like we did a great promo in the ring and the week after she did this nice babyface promo. Between me and her there is no real heel or a real face, just cheer for those who want to cheer. Either cheer on the local talent or cheer on the girl returning from a career-ending injury." Former WWE Superstar Paige, now known as Saraya in AEW, returned to the ring over the weekend in-ring attire inspired by Chyna.

"I know she always wears black.. but her gear gave [email protected]... Definitely the two most important female wrestlers that defines today's women's wrestling." Saraya responded and revealed that she used the legend's gear as inspiration for her AEW Full Gear attire. "I actually used her gear as inspo!!" tweeted Saraya.

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