Bryan Danielson reflects on his future

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Bryan Danielson reflects on his future

After closing his WWE adventure in April 2021 and taking a few months off, Bryan Danielson then decided to sign with AEW. At Tony's court, Khan made his All Out debut after effectively returning to fight inside a ring in 2018 due to a forced break due to some concussions.

However, the former WWE star is reportedly trying to diminish his appearances in the wrestling world now.

Bryan Danielson on his future

During 'One Fall' with Ron Funches, Bryan Danielson talked about how his full-time career will come to an end once his contract with AEW expires: “I'd like to fight two weeks before I die and not know it's the my last match.

It would be best, but I won't be a full time wrestler forever and I won't be for a long time. When my contract with AEW expires, I'll basically stop being a full-time wrestler. I like the way some people, like Terry Funk and Jerry Lawler and that kind of people, do it for fun."

Bryan Danielson also noted that as long as he is having fun he wants to keep fighting for the rest of his life and in short until it causes him physical pain: "I don't know what my last match must be like or what it will be like.

that it's an epic match that everyone will talk about. In my mind, it's a match I'd play in front of 300 people. I mean, just to say I'm going to have fun one last time and say hello without a big audience. Maybe it turns out in the end that this was my last meeting."

Last Saturday at AEW Full Gear, Bryan Danielson lost a fatal 4-way match valid for the ROH World Heavyweight Championship. The bout was won by Chris Jericho and also included Claudio Castagnoli as well as Sammy Guevara. WWE legend Road Dogg (Brian James) wasn't amused by how AEW has been using Bryan Danielson.

"You know what they're doing [AEW] is wrong. How come they don't know it? How come they don't know it? And look, I agree with you. If you're confused about what his character is and who he is, that is the worst place to be because wearing a gray hat there might be those tweeners...

DX is a tweener but eventually you go to one side or the other because that's how I gotta book you against the antangonist or protagonist," Road Dogg said.