Wrestling legend praises MJF


Wrestling legend praises MJF

On November 19th, the AEW Full Gear PPV was staged in Newark, New Jersey, which saw many title changes during this edition: Samoa Joe became the new AEW TNT Champion, Jamie Hayter became the new interim AEW Women's World Champion and finally MJF became the new AEW World Champion.

On social media, many have praised the excellent success of the event itself, despite not the turbulent period linked to the Punk situation, and many have always praised the work done by MJF in recent months: among the many names that of the WWE stands out.

Hall of Famer and NXT Booker T.

Booker T praises MJF

During The Hall of Fame podcast Booker T talked about how MJF raises the bar on the show and how good he is at everything he does: "I love everything about MJF. I watch him work in the ring, as well as out of the ring, and he seems to be still a student of this discipline.

I heard a little bit about the press conference he did after... And he said the ship was righted up. I think this is what the company needed most of all. other thing. I think they need to get on a track where people are going to focus on the show rather than the drama that's happening or the individuals.

I think when you have a show, you need to be focused on everything that's going on and everyone. on that show to make it successful. Look, for example, what happened during The Elite's entry to Full Gear: people were singing anti-Punk chants instead of focusing on what was going on.

It's kind of politics I think politicians have to work in together with lashing out against each other, wrestling is the same thing, but at the moment this is not the case." Cody Rhodes left AEW for a triumphant WWE return at WrestleMania earlier this year, but that doesn't mean MJF will follow the same path.

"No... The only thing I care about at this point at 26 years of age is where will I make the most amount of money?... I think if AEW is willing to pay me enough to put the company on my back and build it up so that one day we have a hundred thousand people at an event I don't see what the difference is," MJF said.

"That's all I care about, jolly old Saint Nick [Khan] knows that. The other Khan [Tony] knows that. I call him the other Khan because I like Nick a little bit more. It could be because I have not worked with them yet but he just seems like a great guy," added MJF.

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