Andrade El Idolo cryptic on social media

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Andrade El Idolo cryptic on social media

During a recent episode of Dynamite, we were informed by reporters that a backstage brawl broke out between Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara that led Tony Khan to send Andrade back home, while Guevara fought on the show, as it looks like it was his own.

Charlotte Flair's husband waiting for the former TNT champion backstage and throwing the first punch, with people starting to think that he is doing all this to get fired because, according to his latest statements in the same interview, he is not happy with the AEW booking for his character.

A furious social dispute broke out between the two a few hours earlier following some statements that the luchador had released during an interview with Más Lucha, telling that once Sammy Guevara had complained behind the scenes that Andrade hits his opponents too hard , with the former Sombra who pointed out that Sheamus also hits hard and no one complains about it, but we wanted to clarify that they were clarified in words and everything seemed to have been resolved, but so it was clearly not.

We also learned from Andrade himself a few days ago, who is currently out for some physical problems, while Dave Meltzer added that he has also been suspended from AEW of course, which is why he hasn't been seen on TV for a while.

Andrade El Idolo cryptic

On her Instagram account, Charlotte Flair's husband shared a few words, along with photos from her time in AEW, which make us understand that perhaps she is even further away from AEW than we have been told by the various journalists who have investigated.

In fact, the wrestler wrote: “I just wanted to say thank you !!! Goodbye,” in both English and Spanish, as she does with all of his posts. Obviously he could say all or nothing, but with those photos of him together with the mask he started using in the company, and the hearts left in the comments by Zelina Vega, some suspicion arises.

Former WCW United States Champion Konnan has aired his frustrations with how Andrade El Idolo has been presented during his time in AEW so far. Konnan continued to ask what he has done in AEW so far that could be considered good or memorable: “How long has Andrade [El Idolo] been [in AEW]?" Konnan added.

"In one year, tell me something he’s done that you’ve liked. [Mentions his match with Cody] Okay he’s had one good match in one year, what else?”