Dustin Rhodes on his brother, Cody: I’m not going to miss any of his stuff

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Dustin Rhodes on his brother, Cody: I’m not going to miss any of his stuff

Talk is Jericho is a great podcast with great guests. This time, they hosted Dustin Rhodes who was an interesting interlocutor. His brother, Cody is a huge star and his departure to WWE caused a lot of reactions. Dustin is happy for him and had nothing but words of praise for his achievements.

“Kind of down a little bit, but you know, Cody is still young. I mean, there’s such an age gap, 16 years, so he’s kind of in his prime now. But watching him return at WrestleMania was just huge, and you know, I’m not going to miss any of his stuff.

He’s on the rise to become a champion. I really think he’s set the tone for that in his last eight years of work and things that he’s done that he’s built up. He’s very professional. He’s very different than I am.

We’re two completely opposite people. I mean, he has that creative mind like my dad had. I’m more the grunt, the worker, in the family, but he is surpassing everything. He’s doing amazing. It’s great, but yeah, I wish he was still here”.

- he said, as quoted by pwmania.com

Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes commented on MJF having a great performance against Moxley. Being a heel and baby face is a topic that Rhodes discussed “MJF also delivers, right? But he’s just on the cusp of his greatness and he’s doing so many great things right now and the heel-babyface-tweener back and forth, they hated him, they kind of love him.

You know, and I’ve talked to MJF about this. ‘Sooner or later, you’re gonna be a babyface buddy’ and it looks like that’s kind of where it’s going because they love him and it’s just what it is and MJF hasn’t had to go out there and wrestle every night.

He has got the gift of gab and he’s one of those people that can talk people in the building and there’s not very many of those and he does a great job of that,” Rhodes said on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast.