Dustin Rhodes Speaks About Pending Surgeries

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Dustin Rhodes Speaks About Pending Surgeries

Dustin Rhodes is a former WWE wrestler and he recently spoke about some of his pending surgeries. Dustin is actually one of the most senior wrestlers in the AEW locker room right now. For a very long time, he worked for WWE.

He was an in-ring performer and was called Goldust in the WWE. He joined AEW shortly after AEW was launched as his brother Cody Rhodes was one of AEW’s EVPs. He actually asked the WWE to release him and the WWE let him leave, which was unusual at that time as WWE was actually not letting any wrestlers go as they were worried about AEW signing them.

Dustin is currently 53 years old. He stated on Talk is Jericho that he is considering quitting professional wrestling altogether. This is because he doesn’t want to end up in a wheelchair or use a walker as many other wrestlers have to do because their knees could not work after wrestling for so many years.

Dustin Rhodes Speaks About Possibly Ending His Professional Wrestling Career.

"I look at Ric Flair, his supposed last match, I don't wanna do that," Rhodes told Chris Jericho. "So as long as I can get out of the business and still walk.

Because I do need a couple of knee replacements, but that's fine, I'll get the knee replacements. I'll be fine. I'll be able to walk around. But I just remember getting in the business and seeing a couple of the old timers on walkers and in wheelchairs.

I'm like, 'I don't wanna get to that point.' " Dustin fought in AEW on the 26th of August on AEW Rampage. He fought Claudio Castagnoli for the Ring of Honor title. However, he failed to win the title. He has so far fought a total of 4 times this year.

He fought CM Punk, Lance Archer and Sammy Guevara. However, he has not been very successful in singles or tag team matches since he joined AEW. For a long time, he wasn’t very successful in WWE either and was used as a mid-card wrestler for the most part of his career.

In WWE, Dustin Rhodes won the WWE Intercontinental Title once. He has also won the Tag Team Title with his brother Cody Rhodes, who was at that time known as Stardust. Dustin still has some years left in his contract and will be part of AEW even if he does not fight in the ring anymore.