Ricky Starks will be using Kanye West's song for his entrance

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Ricky Starks will be using Kanye West's song for his entrance

Ricky Starks surprised fans with a new decision; Namely, he wants to use Kayne West's song for the entrance. In an interview with the Watching The Throne podcast, he talked about more details. “My goal is to get the rights to play Touch The Sky at least once for one of my matches.

That’s the goal. I’m putting it out there. I’m manifesting this happening. That’s what I want out of this whole thing. The day that I get that, I’m pretty much going to set Twitter on fire. That came from the fact that, I had to watch the music video again”.

- Starks said, as quoted by pwmania.com Starks also revealed where he heard the song and how he got the motive for it. “I heard the song in a movie and I had never thought to think of it in that type of light. I ended up using it as my theme song and it kind of took off from there in terms, I’ll meet other Kanye West fans and I’ll tell them my entrance and they immediately start singing Touch The Sky.

It’s real stadium music”.

Starks and The Rock

Starks is often compared to The Rock. This flatters him, but he still considers that he is a unique personality. “I really don’t [hate the comparison]. In fact, it’s a huge compliment to have,” Starks said.

“I think there’s a misconception that I hate the comparison; I actually don’t. What I hate about the comparison sometimes is people say, ‘You steal the Rock. You try to be just like …’ And it’s like, I actually don’t.

The Rock was never … the Rock was no. 3 on my list of favorite wrestlers; Undertaker was no. 1. So when people try to discredit my talents because they think I’m trying to be someone else, that’s when I have an issue with it.

Yesterday, I went to this event and people are like, ‘You remind me of …’ They always have to put an era of Rock on it for some reason, like ‘the Nation of Domination Rock’ or something like that.

But then I get people who say, ‘You just remind me of a young Rock.’ And I go, ‘That’s really nice. That’s really cool,’ because at least that’s a connection that you have”.