Kenny Omega tries to restore serenity

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Kenny Omega tries to restore serenity

After his big title win at All Out, CM Punk got involved with his friend Ace Steel in a fight with the Elite, which led to the suspension of all concerned. Punk's future now with AEW is a mystery at this point but the Elite has returned and challenged the Death Triangle for Trios titles at Full Gear.

Many people in AEW remained silent and did not express themselves against the fight between Punk and the Elite, so even Kenny Omega, during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, has spoken even if not in depth on this matter.

Kenny Omega is a true champion

Kenny Omega urged all fans to drop the story: “There are things no one can talk about, so I'd invite everyone to drop this whole thing. What happened does not change our thinking on the federation.

We are all on the same side. And I'm not just referring to myself and my opponent: also the referees, the fans and all those who also mount the ring. I urge people to go ahead and forget what happened because there is no information about it.

Even if I can't talk about it, I just want to say that I will always want the best in wrestling." The former AEW champion also revealed that people need to remember that the athletes they see in the ring are human beings: “Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks are the people trying to do their job.

You can whistle Kenny Omega or the Young Bucks or CM Punk, but I hope people never forget that we are human beings struggling to work and to make a show." After being suspended, CM Punk would seem increasingly distant now from All Elite Wrestling and in fact a buy-out contract is also being discussed between the parties in order to facilitate his departure from the company.

Furthermore, the relationship between the wrestler and AEW would have also deteriorated further with a permanence of Punk increasingly unlikely. Taking to Twitter, Omega admitted that the loss was a bitter pill to swallow but claimed that it was great to be back inside the squared circle and in AEW in general.

"The loss hurts but it’s great to be back. Years of watching #supernatural before #aewdynamite and memories of listening to music with my dad (and the singalong with the fans) made this one of my favorite entrances. Thank you @KansasBand #AEWFullGear," wrote Kenny Omega.