Matt Hardy: MJF is the most homegrown AEW talent

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Matt Hardy: MJF is the most homegrown AEW talent

Matt Hardy talked about MJF and his feat on his podcast. Hardy is particularly interested in what the situation will be like now after MJF became the champion. Many eyes are on him now. “It was an interesting move for sure, but it is very on brand for the MJF character.

I’m really excited about MJF’s run as champion. I’m a big fan of Maxwell Jacob Friedman. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the people gravitate towards him as champion, and considering he is going to be the centerpiece of the promotion, it’s going to be really interesting to see how it does numbers-wise from ratings, buy rates, and whatever else”.

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Matt Hardy on MJF

Hardy had nothing but words of praise for MJF and expects him to become the 'big face' of AEW, even though he already is. “I feel like, more than anyone, MJF is the most homegrown AEW talent, even more than Hangman Page because I feel like Hangman Page was the first real homegrown talent that actually won the title, but he also had a big run in Ring of Honor.

He worked in Japan. This is really MJF’s first run on top and now he is representing AEW as the champion. I think it’s a good move. I’m all for it. I really, truly believe deep in my heart, I think MJF is going to be the face of AEW for a long time to come”.

MJF's pairing with William Regal is an interesting topic. Hardy is interested in what that would look like. Exciting, that's for sure. “That’s going to be interesting. The first thing it makes me think about is what is going to happen to the Blackpool Combat Club.

I dug the Blackpool Combat Club. I think they were over. I think people were into their act and it was interesting. None of those guys necessarily need Regal as it is. Regal is very good at being a heel. He’s very good at getting heat.

The combination of him and MJF together, I’m curious. I truly am. I’m truly curious to see what they can do and I think it’s going to be interesting to see the repercussions that this creates on the Blackpool Combat Club as well as adding another layer to MJF’s heel”.