Bryan Danielson on Scariest Aspect of Joining AEW

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Bryan Danielson on Scariest Aspect of Joining AEW

Bryan Danielson is right now one of AEW’s top stars, and he recently spoke about the scariest part of joining AEW. For a very long time, Bryan was known as Daniel Bryan in the WWE. He was one of the most popular wrestlers there.

He won some of the most important titles that are in the company and was for one time the face of the WWE after John Cena left the WWE to pursue a career in Hollywood. Bryan was known for his extremely good technical wrestling and promo skills.

He is also known as one of the hardest-working wrestlers in the world. That is the reason why he has continued wrestling even though he had to retire multiple times due to injuries.

Bryan Danielson States That He Was Quite Comfortable in the WWE System

Bryan left the WWE in April 2021.

He then made his AEW debut in September of the same year. He made his debut at the AEW All Out PPV, and his debut was not announced, so it was a surprise for most fans. Bryan spend nearly 10 years of his life in the WWE, and many people believed that he would probably never leave the company, judging by the way WWE treated him.

He was treated extremely well in the WWE and many people believe that he was actually treated like a top guy ever since he got pushed for the first time to the top of the company. When Bryan joined the AEW, he did it under a contract that required him to commit to a full-time role within the company.

So Bryan is not a part-time wrestler as many popular wrestlers in the WWE are. Bryan actually is a full-time wrestler and is regularly seen on AEW TV during most of their shows. According to Bryan, it was scary for him to join AEW as he had worked for a long time for the WWE and was very well accustomed to how things worked in the WWE.

"The scary part of it was stepping outside of this comfort zone that I had in WWE," Bryan Danielson said. "And also, in AEW, you see them doing some pretty risky things. I was like, I don't know if physically I can do that anymore.

Over the last year-plus, I've proven to myself that I can, which is kind of one of the things I was looking for as I was 40 then, I'm 41 now, to see if I can still do some of those things to physically test myself. A lot of people, my wife included, are like, 'Why do you constantly desire to test yourself, to test your body's capabilities?' And I don't know why I have that desire, but I do."

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