Jim Ross explains the reason for his absence

Jim Ross played a very important role in the WWE backstage, before joining All Elite Wrestling

by Simone Brugnoli
Jim Ross explains the reason for his absence

In the latest AEW PPV, or Full Gear, many fans noticed a rather strange fact: during the final part of the show and in the Main Event, Jim Ross was no longer present at the commentary table. Many immediately thought of a health problem that forced him to leave but, fortunately, the reason is quite different.

Jim Ross is a wrestling legend

During the last episode of the famous podcast Grilling JR, the legendary commentator said that he was ordered to comment only on certain matches, then seeing the rest of the show in the hotel room where he was staying: "Tony Khan wanted me to comment only the first six meetings and so I did, and then I finished.

I would have liked to have worked on the last match above all, you know, obviously as a fan, as a commentator. I'm a huge Jon Moxley fan. I thought it was MJF night. It seemed like it was time. We'll see how it turns out. Hope it works great.

We will see. MJF has to take his new title and be that great leader we need him to be. As you can see, it looked great. He was in great shape, or the best shape I've ever been in. So it was interesting from that point of view. I knew they were going to have a great match." Jim Ross then said he enjoyed the show, despite being distracted by another meeting as well: “I watched the match on my iPad because I went back to the hotel when I finished my assignment and arrived in time to watch, I hurried.

not to lose anything. I watched the last quarter of the Bedlam game, the game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State on my TV, and watched the rest of the pay-per-view on my iPad. So it was an interesting deal. I don't usually leave early, but I was done, finished and done what I needed to do and we moved on.

I enjoyed the show. I thought it was cool. The first half I did, the matches I thought were damn strong, some were stronger than others. I thought it was a good show. I really did. I liked it. I thought the talents had done the c ** o and they did.

I thought it was well structured. All the matches made sense. The points were all connected well, so I thought it was a good scenario. It was fun. I would have liked to work more, but it will always be like that. I am an old ball player. I want to play. But I was happy to do what I did and I hope people enjoyed it."

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