Andrade El Idolo's recovery is slow

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Andrade El Idolo's recovery is slow

A couple of days ago, through a post on his social networks, Andrade El Idolo let his fans know directly that he was no longer able to perform in the rings of AEW, or of various independent promotions, because he tore a pectoral muscle and had to undergo an operation.

In fact, the wrestler also showed some photos where it is seen that the injury extended to the bicep, as happened to Cody Rhodes during a workout, even if he then performed visibly injured in Hell In A Cell against Seth Rollins, before taking time off to have surgery and go to rehab.

According to what was said by Ric Flair, father-in-law of Andrade El Idolo who married Charlotte Flair in May this year, the recovery times from the operation that the luchador underwent would be long since the injury is quite serious: “I like the thing with Matt Hardy, but I don't think they're using [Andrade] right, personally, but obviously I'm biased.

I think he is a better singles performer than he is in tag team matches. It is to be determined [when he will return]. I know he is a very delicate tear. It was a bad tear, so it will be out for a while in this condition”.

Update on Andrade El Idolo

To announce that he was operated on, Andrade El Idolo wrote: “My first [surgical] operation. I can't believe this happened. A few months ago, I tore my bib. Thank goodness I wanted and was able to finish my match.

I continued to work because I love this business, but we know that many people do not value your commitment, and on days off I used the opportunity to go to the doctor”. While later he wanted to share on Twitter the footage of when he got hurt in the All Elite Wrestling ring, once again wanting to define himself as a professional.

Below we leave you the post. Sammy Guevara recently addressed the alleged backstage heat between him and Andrade El Idolo. He claimed that he is just minding his business and that people wanted to start a fight with him. "There's just so much drama that goes on in wrestling, it's really exhausting, It's tiring.

Seems like every couple of weeks is something. I'm minding my own business, on vacation, and then, you know, people want to start drama with me. It is what it is. It's the life I signed up for, I suppose. But it's definitely tiring and maybe I'll need to go on another vacation next week because... [sighs] stressful," Sammy Guevara said.