Colt Cabana: Sting forgot who I was even though we had a long conversation

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Colt Cabana: Sting forgot who I was even though we had a long conversation

Colt Cabana talked for the PWT Cast program. Cabana recalled the moment Brian Myers had an interesting answer to a fan's question. Cabana found it all funny. “I did The Big Event with Brian Myers. A guy came up to him and goes, ‘Do you know who I am?’ Brian just goes, ‘Nope.’ I looked at him and laughed so hard.

‘Oh my God, did you just say nope?’ ‘Yup. I’m over it. I can’t play these games with people.’ I would have been like, ‘Oh yeah.’ ‘Nope, I don’t do it. I don’t remember you, I don’t remember you”.

- he said as quoted by Sting couldn't recognize him at one point even though they used to have a long conversation. “I did it to Sting. Me and Sting had an hour and a half conversation at an airport on a layover together, I thought we became best friends.

Then he signed with AEW, I was like, ‘Hey, remember me?’ ‘Uhh.’ ‘I was in the airport, we talked for like two hours.’ ‘Was it about God?’ I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m sorry,’ then I just walked away.

‘No, hi, I’m Colt.’ To me, it’s like, ‘how could you not remember that?’ Then, of course, I put myself in his shoes and I get it. It was only a couple of months”.

Colt Cabana on Sapolsky

Speaking to Captain's Corner, Cabana commented on Gabe Sapolsky.

He had only words of praise for him. “He’s one of my favorites. Gabe let us do whatever we wanted to do. It was very collaborative, and I thought Gabe was a great promoter and booker and was really helpful. We were all growing together.

It was all like-minded people, kind of the same age at the same time, making things happen, so it was a special part of my career. I loved it so much”.