Former WWE referee opens up on CM Punk


Former WWE referee opens up on CM Punk

CM Punk has confirmed that he is one of the most controversial wrestlers of the modern era. As everyone knows by now, the Chicago champion was suspended by All Elite Wrestling due to the famous 'Brawl Out', the brawl that broke out in the backstage after the 'All Out' PPV.

According to insiders, it is very unlikely that CM Punk will return to the AEW rings in the future. Recently, Eric Bischoff was very harsh towards the 'Straight Edge Superstar': “The truth is that CM Punk is old, frail and has never been in great shape since he arrived in All Elite Wrestling.

He doesn't even look like an athlete anymore and there's no point in continuing to invest in him. Punk had managed to enter people's hearts during his experience in WWE. His rebellious character and the infamous 'pipe bomb' had created a mystique around his character.

The moment he landed in AEW, Tony Khan tried to tap into that mystique, but he just nailed it for a very short time”. Many are wondering if there is actually any chance of seeing CM Punk again in WWE. We recall that the latter had left the Stamford company in 2014 due to some friction with the management.

Jimmy Korderas on CM Punk

In an interview granted to 'Wrestling Inc.' , former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas reflected on CM Punk's possible return to Stamford: "I've never had a problem with CM Punk, he has always treated me with great respect.

There has been a lot of talk about his rebellious character and the fact that he is not easy to manage, but we must not forget that wrestling is a business. There is the possibility of earning a lot of money thanks to CM Punk.

I don't feel like ruling out his return to WWE. I don't see why not." We recall that Vince McMahon left WWE last July, a shocking decision that ushered in a new era. Vince's place was taken by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H became the new head of the creative team.

Ric Flair thinks he knows something that fans don't, as he explained on his To Be The Man podcast that he was informed by an AEW employee, who he didn't name, that CM Punk is not coming back to the company. "I guess they’re just trying to figure out a way to buy out his contract, he’s [CM Punk] not coming back, and I’m just told this by AEW people, that The Young Bucks are already back, or somebody told me that they were back, you know when you get a bunch of wrestlers together you hear a bunch of stuff," said Flair.

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