Huge star defends CM Punk

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Huge star defends CM Punk

Now a year ago, CM Punk made his Aew debut and returned to professional wrestling, earning a warm welcome from fans seven years after his last appearance. Yet the Chicago-born star, according to many in the industry, is one of the most controversial figures.

His future still remains a rather h*t subject of discussion and it is difficult to predict the next moves of the former AEW world champion, after the latter does not appear on the federation's screens from the infamous brawl that arose after the post All Out press conference which also led to the suspension of all the protagonists involved.

Dax Harwood reflects on CM Punk

A current AEW roster member recently sent his best wishes to the former WWE star and praised his conduct backstage: "Whatever he decides to do with his life, I hope it brings him happiness and joy because he deserves it." Dax Harwood of FTR spoke to Fightful about the recent criticisms leveled against CM Punk: “CM Punk is a man who obviously has his detractors like everyone but not only in AEW, in the world of wrestling.

Sometimes the detractors are louder than they want to make it sound and they leak a lot of news about him." Dax Harwood recalled her first impressions of him after his AEW debut: "When he first came in, I remember talking to Cash and saying 'If he comes in and says something about how I dress, talking about the code clothing or whatever, it doesn't start well and it becomes a problem.

In the end it was the complete opposite." Former Scott Dawson in WWE concluded by praising CM Punk: "I think he's a good person. He invited the others to come to him, he watched the matches of the young wrestlers who asked him, he stayed there until the end of the show and for anyone who had of questions he tried to answer.

He loves wrestling. Just like me, he is a huge fan. Just like I am with Sasha Banks, I talk to him every day and whatever he decides to do with his life I hope it brings him happiness and joy because if it deserves". Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas recently discussed the possibility of CM Punk facing Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 39 next year.

Speaking to Wrestling Inc., Jimmy Korderas shared his thoughts on a possible match between CM Punk and Steve Austin. "It would be interesting to see if they could do business together, because Steve's up there in the hierarchy. To me, it'd just be the curiosity of how they would make this match work," he said.

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