Claudio Castagnoli sends a message to the fans

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Claudio Castagnoli sends a message to the fans

In the last few days, the news number regarding William Regal's farewell to AEW to land in his old company, namely WWE, where until a few months ago he was General Manager of NXT. In all of this, what do the members of the Blackpool Combat Club think, a stable in which William Regal was the founder together with Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley and was also Manager until a few days ago? The first to expose himself was Claudio Castagnoli, aka Cesaro in WWE.

Claudio Castagnoli speaks about William Regal

During an interview with Joey Hayden of the Dallas Morning News, Claudio Castagnoli was asked what he thought of these rumors regarding the possible landing of William Regal in WWE (and therefore of his farewell to AEW, ed): "Well, not i can say a lot, i guess we have to wait and see.

You know, we're actually still talking, I think we need to have a little group meeting to figure out what's next, or if there's a future for the club. So yeah, I'll stop here" When asked what it meant for him to work with William Regal again, Castagnoli said he had a rewarding experience: “I never stop learning from him.

He's the reason I joined WWE in 2011, and he was one of the reasons I felt at home when I came to AEW because he was there. I was also the man he had his last match of his career with. So, I feel like there's that connection there.

There is that respect. If you share the ring with someone, there has to be a connection, especially when it's someone like William Regal. And I always learn from him, just being with him as much as I've been in the last couple of months in AEW, and being around him not just behind but in front of the camera, it's been exciting.

He is a master of life, let's see how the situation develops but he is a great coach and a great person." Speaking on NBC Sports Boston, the Swiss star felt his brief confrontation with Hager during the match was nothing to be ignored as they have history with each other.

"There is history there, why ignore it? That’s the beauty about it. I feel a lot of times stuff gets ignored because [officials think] 'I don’t know, people don’t remember.' No, people remember. Especially wrestling fans. They have such good memories. They come up to me with stuff that I have forgotten," Castagnoli said.