Wrestling veteran comments on CM Punk

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Wrestling veteran comments on CM Punk

CM Punk tore his triceps during his match against Jon Moxley at 'All Out', before sparking a backstage brawl following an altercation with 'The Elite' Since then, the Chicago star has not appeared in the AEW rings again as he was suspended by Tony Khan.

Moxley took the world title and reigned until 'Full Gear' where he was forced to relinquish the belt following interference from William Regal (who aided MJF). Many are wondering what will become of CM Punk and there are also those who hope to see him again in WWE.

“Despite everything that has happened since All Out, Punk is still signed to AEW and continues to be paid by Tony Khan. Punk would like to start a new chapter in his career, but All Elite Wrestling is not willing to let him go" - reported Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of the 'Wrestling Observer Newsletter'

Jim Cornette on CM Punk

On his 'Drive Thru' podcast, former WWE manager Jim Cornette had his honest opinion on CM Punk: “That fight after All Out confirmed CM Punk's rebellious nature, as well as putting AEW in an awkward position.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the programming would have been totally different if Punk hadn't acted that way. His suspension has turned the tables and forced Tony Khan to revise his plans. All Elite Wrestling had to make a number of adjustments.

In my view, they're not doing badly." Eric Bischoff was much harsher towards Punk: “He doesn't even look like an athlete anymore and there's no point in continuing to invest in him. CM Punk had entered the hearts of fans thanks to his experience in WWE, where he had distinguished himself for his rebellious character.

The infamous 'pipe bomb' had created a mystique around his character, but now things have changed. He is just one of many." Former RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff has commented on CM Punk and Jon Moxley's upcoming match. "I think the spontaneity of it is cool.

I think the fact that from a strategic perspective, it's the absolute right thing to do under the current circumstances, and I think creatively, there's a lot of room to play here... That's assuming there's a plan. That's assuming there's a compelling story going forward, and taking advantage of this and building up to something even bigger next time around.

There's a lot of potential on that table, now let's see what happens. I'm more optimistic than pessimistic," Bischoff said.