Chris Jericho makes a shocking revelation

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Chris Jericho makes a shocking revelation

When we talk about Chris Jericho, we are talking about wrestling done in person, since for over 30 years the current ROH World Champion has been the star of many federations, such as WCW, WWE, AEW to name just a few. To get to these levels, Jericho has made a long apprenticeship: in 1996 he signed for Extreme Championship Wrestling and thanks to his excellent performances he attracted the attention of World Championship Wrestling, for which he signed a few months later.

Yet, despite the crystalline talent of the young Jericho, WCW has always given more light to stars like Goldberg, Hulk Hogan and so on, putting aside the poor Chris Jericho, who then left WCW in 1999 to land in the then WWF.

Chris Jericho is a true legend

During the last episode of his latest podcast Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho revealed how people of the caliber of Stevie Ray earned much more than him, despite him being a rising star of the federation itself: “They didn't see in me what i saw in me and what i actually became after that, and also the deal, remember the deal they offered me? They're back with a new deal.

I was busting my ass, I was the hardest working in there, I think I went from $135k to $165k to $200k. Then the next round was $250,000, $300,000 and finally $350,000. This was what we agreed on. Then they came back with this all, remember the tiered contract system? Keep in mind, that's a lot of money, but in WCW, Scott Norton and Stevie Ray and those types of guys were making $750,000 a year.

$350,000 wasn't really that much money to me compared to the other guys. They came back with that deal, it was structured, 'if they sell that many tickets, you'll make that much,' yet they never offered me more." Chris Jericho has opened up about his WWE exit and how a WrestleMania match with Kevin Owens helped him decide his future.

"There's no bitterness when I tell this story or no anger; it's just the way it is. I've been working in this business for a long time. So you mentioned Kevin Owens and Jericho and we had the best story on the show for months.

One of the original plans from Vince's (McMahon) mouth to my ears directly was the main event of WrestleMania, was going to be Jericho vs Owens for the world title, and Jericho wins the title, for the first time ever as a babyface.

I've never been a babyface world champion ever. Weird to think of it, right? Seven-time champion as a heel," Chris Jericho said.