Kris Statlander is almost ready to comeback


Kris Statlander is almost ready to comeback
Kris Statlander is almost ready to comeback

During the AEW Dynamite Quake By The Lake, the Jacksonville company confirmed Kris Statlander's injury that occurred on the Aug. 5 episode of AEW Dark, when she landed her foot badly after a Big Boot. Although initially it was thought that the problem was in her foot, with a tweet Statlander confirmed instead that the problem is the knee, a part of her body that she knows well because she has already been injured in the past.

Then at the beginning of September, the former alien wanted to update her fans by telling them that she had knee surgery and that everything went well and she did it with a joke: "I must have thought of you when I got injured, because you make my knees weak.


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Wrestler AEW tweeted yesterday out of nowhere saying, “No, I don't have the green light yet,” adding below: “'AEW Wrestler Provides Injury Update' is the headline I expect to see." But that's not all, because after some responses from the fans he also added: "Thanks to those who have offered me their legs, but I assure you, once healed, both of mine will be mechanically enhanced and your standard limbs will not be enough ,” then teasing reporters again by adding another possible headline: “'AEW star calls fans 'standard', tips for becoming robots'”.

AEW Star Kris Statlander recently appeared on the AEW Restricted alongside Aubrey Edwards and Tony Schiavone. "It was weird because I was so used to like the big scary, doing extra work for WWE, and AEW wasn't like that at all.

And I was just like, oh, I feel like this is a place that's like super relaxed. I guess I was nervous like you always get nervous going into a new setting, but it wasn't like as intimidating because there are so many people that I knew at AEW from the independents and people that I've worked with before.

And going to the training, it training. I mean, like I said, the training that I'm used to at Create-A-Pro was a lot different because there's like no girls involved. Not that it's not intense and like informative of what we do with Dustin but it was just kind of like I didn't know what to expect.

So I just went in there with an open mind, ample bodied to be thrown around type thing, just go with the flow type thing."

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