Lance Archer on his return to the ring and Jake Roberts

“I would love it to still be with Jake. It’s one of those things that.."

by Sead Dedovic
Lance Archer on his return to the ring and Jake Roberts

Lance Archer caused a lot of reactions after his promo in which he is not happy with how much he is being used. Busted Open radio was the perfect opportunity to reveal his plans. As #1: His desire to return to AEW. “For me personally, I think it’s one of those things where I’ve been a part of the company, I’ve been a part of some big situations…Fighting for the main title two different times, fighting for the TNT Title two different times, fighting and successfully winning the IWGP US Title against Jon Moxley.

So I think I kind of created a base to who I am in the company but things have kind of gone awry. I’m okay with the idea of a slow rebuild. I’m okay with kind of reinventing myself and finding my place within the company to get back to fighting for those championships.

I understand right now that just jumping into that picture may or may not be something that the fan base can accept because you have guys like MJF who have just absolutely encapsulated the wrestling world…I have a good base, I need to be rebuilt and I think I can and I think it can start with the Murderhawk Monster [so I] can get back to that point of being one of those guys that’s fighting for those championships and probably being a champion”.

- he said, as quoted by

Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts and him could team up again and make a great story. “I would love it to still be with Jake. It’s one of those things that Jake has really worked hard on his health.

I think it’s one of the questions I get a lot…He’s really gotten his health under control. I know he was most recently in San Antonio talking with the company. They are very happy with where he’s at and what he’s doing.

I don’t think there was a point where Jake and I grew apart. It was just a situation and things that were going on, his health and the direction I was going and whatnot that kind of separated us. It didn’t take us apart.

I didn’t turn on him, he didn’t turn on me or anything of that nature. I think it’s very possible that he and I can be back together. Part of that rebuilding is with Jake The Snake Roberts and the Murderhawk Lance Archer”.

Lance Archer Jake Roberts