New details on Jeff Hardy's future

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New details on Jeff Hardy's future
New details on Jeff Hardy's future

Jeff Hardy joined All Elite Wrestling in March 2022, after an abrupt split with WWE that had had several aftermaths. The 'Charismatic Enigma' seemed to have recovered and was living a sort of second youth alongside his brother Matt.

Cameron's star player had been involved in several electrifying matches, including a no disqualification match against Darby Allin. His last fight in AEW was at 'Double or Nothing 2022', when the Hardys defeated the Young Bucks.

On June 19, 2022, Tony Khan's federation announced that Jeff had been arrested in Florida for drunk driving. AEW immediately suspended the athlete and forced him to go to rehab. In the latest edition of the 'Extreme Life' podcast, Matt Hardy provided an important update on his brother's future.

New details on Jeff Hardy

“Things haven't gone the right way in the last few months and Jeff Hardy has been having a difficult time” – Matt began. “Everyone's hope is that he manages to turn this bad experience into something good and that he gives a positive turn to his life.

He can come out of this story even stronger, he just has to want it. Maybe he'll come back to fight or maybe not, I can't give you a certain answer” – he added. In a long interview granted to Sportskeeda, Ricardo Rodriguez – known for being Alberto Del Rio's manager – analyzed the bad time Jeff is going through.

“I totally understand what it's like to struggle with an addiction, because I've been there myself. I hope Jeff Hardy is strong enough to realize that he needs help not to ruin his life” - said Ricardo. Rodriguez also spoke of the negative influence of social media: “I don't know Jeff personally.

I've never met him and I don't know his story, so I don't want to go too far. This is a typical problem that characterizes the age of social media. Everyone seems to know everyone's story, even if they don't know that person at all.

Everyone believes they have the solution”. Interim AEW Women's Champion Toni Storm recently claimed that she was one of the fans inspired by Hardy. “Mickie James was a big part of that [fandom] … and I wanted to be like Jeff Hardy.

I still want to be like Jeff Hardy. It’s always good when someone you grow up watching, you’re able to share the same locker room with [them], it’s always a good thing, right? That just means that I’ve gotten to where I’ve always wanted to be”.

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