Darby Allin is the new TNT Champion

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Darby Allin is the new TNT Champion
Darby Allin is the new TNT Champion

His move to AEW was one of the most talked about in the pro-wrestling world and now Samoa Joe is slowly taking the limelight more and more. He moved to AEW in April 2022, making his debut on the ROH show (also owned by Tony Khan, ed) Supercard of Honor, Joe also became the ROH World Television Champion, as well as having the TNT title of the Khan company at his side.

In a recent interview with DAZN Wrestling, Samoa Joe talked about his transition from WWE to AEW, where he also found a certain calm, something he had been missing in WWE for years, due to Vince McMahon's demands. Samoa Joe explained how he felt alone at the beginning of his journey with AEW: "Mainly just because of a series of crazy new challenges.

I was doing new things, from commentary to working with young athletes and recruiting people, stunt work and acting. I mean, basically, it's like a major career change every four or five months for me. So going through that, you never sit down and think about the process and think about what you're going through.

It took me until a couple weeks ago when I did my last two media junkets, and I sat down and thought, 'Damn, it's been a pretty crazy ride these last couple of years' and I really don't see any sign of slowing down". On tonight's episode of Dynamite, Samoa Joe was engaged in a title match against Darby Allin, valid for the TNT Championship still held by the Samoan Submission Machine.

Darby Allin is the new TNT Champion

In recent weeks, Samoa Joe has been carrying on a long feud with Wardlow, with the AEW giant who attempted to snatch the TNT title also in the last episode of Dynamite which aired last week, thus attempting to get his old title back.

Due to a slippery backstage attack by Joe with a steel rod, Wardlow wrestled his entire match with an injured leg, eventually losing the match due to obviously pain. To save Wardlow after yet another post match attack, Darby Allin had then arrived, who had attacked Samoa Joe with his skate from behind, then announcing his challenge.

The match came on tonight's episode of Dynamite, where Darby Allin put in a marvelous performance, pinning Joe after his Coffin Drop from the top rope to secure his second reign as TNT champion. After the victory, even Sting wanted to rush to the ring to congratulate his client, embracing him like a father does with his son.

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