Lee Johnson Praises Cody Rhodes

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Lee Johnson Praises Cody Rhodes

Lee Johnson is a member of the Aew group The Factory, and he recently had special praise for former AEW star, and AEW EVP, Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes is one of the biggest names that joined WWE after ending his AEW run. Cody Rhodes is actually one of the first-ever members of All Elite Wrestling and he was also a member of The Elite.

Cody Rhodes actually met Tony Khan about three years ago to talk about starting All Elite Wrestling, which is now the only promotion that people predict will come close to beating AEW one day.

Lee Johnson Talks About His Goals, and How He Is Learning From Veterans

Lee was also part of the former AEW group, The Nightmare Family, and he was also a student of the Rhodes’ training facility.

On the AEW Unrestricted Podcast, Johnson spoke about working with Cody Rhodes and how much he learned from him. "Cody is great...he made me such a different man, in-ring, outside of the ring," Johnson said. "Things like I would be sitting backstage and I'm slouching and he would just say 'Hey, you're slouching.

Stand up tall.' You know things like that that are just things I don't even think about. Man, Cody made me such a different wrestler [and in] my mindset. He coached a lot of my matches. Even just at school, he and I would talk consistently.

So I really appreciate him." Lee then went on to talk about his goals. He talked about both his long, and short term goals. He simply stated that he wishes to gain more knowledge about how the wrestling industry works. He is 24 right now, and believes that he will reach his best years by the time he is 30, as that is what Cody Rhodes actually told him.

"Right now I'm 24 and one thing Cody always told me was you won't reach your best years until you're in your 30s." He also revealed that he has been working with Jake The Snake Roberts, and Billy Gunn. According to him, he is learning as much as he can from the two veterans who are still quite active in the business, despite making their wrestling debuts nearly three decades ago.

Johnson wishes to be the best wrestler in the world, which is a goal that many wrestlers in the world have, and very few actually achieve it. Lee Johnson tried to win the AEW Title in November, but he failed.

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