Eric Bischoff Speaks About MJF in the WWE


Eric Bischoff Speaks About MJF in the WWE

Eric Bischoff, the former WCW President and WWE RAW General Manager, recently spoke about MJF possibly joining the WWE in 2024, when his contract expires. MJF calls it “The Bidding War of 2024” and right now, MJF is without a doubt one of the biggest wrestling stars in the world.

Since AEW has been down lately due to a series of controversies, after CM Punk and The Elite’s backstage brawl, MJF may decide to go to the WWE, which is now run by Triple H. In fact, it has been reported that many wrestlers actually wish to join WWE, now that Vince McMahon is no longer in charge of the company.

Eric Bischoff Believes that MJF Should be Handled Like Cody Rhodes If He Joins WWE

Eric Bischoff spoke about the pros and cons of MJF joining the WWE. Right now, MJF is the AEW World Champion. However, MJF also has a lot of creative freedom in AEW which he might not get if he joined the WWE.

Also, MJF’s promos are not exactly PG. "What are the advantages for MJF to stay in AEW?" he asked. "Job security, great payday I'm assuming, he's at the top of the card, probably will be because he's so young for the next 5, 7, 8 years," he continued.

"The 26-year-old Eric Bischoff would probably bank on the stability and security until I've got enough money in the bank that I can roll some dice with my career." Bischoff pointed out that MJF may like the “creative freedom and flexibility” that AEW has, which the WWE definitely does not have.

Bischoff believes that MJF will have to take a look at the roster in 2024, and then decide if he has anyone left to work with. He also suggested the idea of working with the newer and younger talent in AEW in promo battles and being able to wrestle them.

Of course, if MJF does wish to work with newer talent, the WWE would probably be the best place for him as they have new talent coming in, almost all the time. He spoke about Cody Rhodes, and stated that MJF in the WWE will be great if he is handled just like Cody Rhodes was handled when he jumped from AEW to the WWE.

Many people believe that Cody Rhodes will be the man to beat Roman Reigns, for the WWE World Championship. "Look at what Cody Rhodes has done. Cody left AEW, made a huge splash on his return to WWE on his own terms, and if you're right, is going to walk away with the WWE World Championship from Roman Reigns at WrestleMania," stated Eric Bischoff.

"It does not get any bigger than that, so if I'm MJF, I'm looking at that trajectory and I'm going, 'That could be me, I could do that.' I don't know; it's a tough one but it'll be an interesting one to follow."

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