Zak Zodiac Speaks About New Film Project

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Zak Zodiac Speaks About New Film Project

Zak Zodiac is the real-life brother of Aew Star, Saraya, and he recently spoke about his new film project. Zak is not known for wrestling in the US much. However, he came under the spotlight a few times when he appeared at various AEW events related to his sister, Saraya.

He appeared at Full Gear 2022, to support his sister, Saraya, as she returned to the ring after suffering a horrible neck injury a few years ago, that ended her WWE in-ring career.

Zak Zodiac Comments on AEW Appearance and New Film Project

Zak is also known to fans as he was played in the film “Fighting With My Family”.

Jack Lowden portrayed Zak and Saraya was portrayed by Florence Pugh. Zak will be continuing to create more film-related projects. His focus will be this time to create a new documentary that will be called “Fighting for My Family”.

The documentary title is obviously a play-off “Fighting With My Family” the movie that was released in 2019. “Fighting for my Family” is currently being produced. Zak released a teaser video on social media and gave an interview about the various clips and past matches shown in the documentary.

"I got lost in this business for a long time because my dreams were shattered. I had the tryouts, had multiple chances, and failed most of them. The scars that are internal people can't see, but you're living with that failure, that regret ...

Are you strong enough? Are you willing to fight? Are you willing to get your life back on track?" Zodiac asks. Zak Zodiac started his professional wrestling career when he was only 10 years old. He worked for his father’s promotion called the World Association of Wrestling in the UK.

He currently performs for Revolution Pro and All-Start Wrestling. He also made his NJPW debut recently. He teamed up with Bad Dude Tito to defeat Tomohiro Ishii and Kazuchika Okada at Royal Quest II in the UK. Zak actually had a role to play in Saraya’s return match.

Saraya was known as Paige while she worked at WWE. She was actually one of WWE’s most popular superstars before she suffered a horrific neck injury which forced her to leave wrestling professionally. Paige actually won the Diva’s Title in her very first WWE match. She was pushed to the top of the WWE quite quickly after that.