Andrade El Idolo teases the fans again


Andrade El Idolo teases the fans again

By now we're used to it, periodically we know that Andrade El Idolo will post something cryptic about his career driving everyone crazy who do nothing but try to understand what he's communicating to us: is he leaving AEW? Is he back in WWE? Change gimmicks? While the luchador is recovering from a nasty pectoral injury that forced him to undergo surgery and wear a brace as we have seen in various photos taken during his vacation in Italy with his wife Charlotte Flair in December, he still enjoys teasing fans.

In fact, a few hours ago he entered his social accounts by posting a photo of his black leather mask, the one made like a skull, which he used in his All Elite Wrestling journey, placed inside a bag, writing a simple but clear word to accompany it: "GOODBYE." What did he want to tell us this time? We remind you that Andrade was technically suspended from Tony Khan's company after a furious backstage row with Sammy Guevara, which by the way erupted after several weeks in which the Mexican showed discontent with the management of him in AEW.

Furthermore, not so long ago, let's talk about November 2022, he had made a post very similar to the one a few hours ago, always saying goodbye in the company of his mask.

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But that's not all beware, because another exchange of tweets fueled speculation about his departure when a fan tweeted to Andrade El Idolo's brother-in-law, Conrad Thompson, asking him why the ex La Sombra wasn't following him, Conrad replied that Andrade doesn't listen to podcasts or need a mortgage, since he does those too.

However, Andrade himself joined the conversation, saying that he would join the podcast world one day, making a promise: "Sooner or later he'll be with you on the podcast and he'll talk about everything…" So once again we just have to stay here and wait for more information on what will be the future of Charlotte Flair's husband who may or may not return to join his bride in WWE.

Road Dogg recently shared an interesting perspective on the heat between AEW stars Andrade El Idolo and Sammy Guevara. "If I hit you really hard and it's too hard, I'm going to apologize to you anyway, like, 'Oh that's my bad dude, I caught you with that one.

I don't even know how to compute that... If you don't want to be on either end of those receipts, then you're barking up the wrong tree as far as business opportunities."

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