Matt Hardy talks about the future of wrestling

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Matt Hardy talks about the future of wrestling

During his latest podcast, AEW star with former WWE Matt Hardy talked about both the Stamford and Jacksonville promotions. Among the topics he covered, the new creative direction of Triple H and the rumors that AEW will be able to benefit from a sale of WWE to an Arab fund.

Matt Hardy is a wrestling legend

On the sensations in the WWE backstage since Triple H took over as chief creative officer for the company, Matt Hardy revealed: “Some of my WWE friends have told me it's been a welcome change.

A lot has changed but they believe this has brought only good things from all points of view. I mean, it's still the same federation and they still want everything to be perfect. They still have a pretty grueling weekly event schedule.

Everything is almost as before but it is better and there is the feeling that there is no longer that fear. You feel much happier to be a part of WWE and the environment feels much more relaxed than before." On the fact that Vince could replace Triple H: “I feel that Vince is sincere when he talks about Triple H and the new management structure.

He wants to put his imprint on another without touching these points. He just wanted to come back and have what he created." Finally, Matt Hardy concluded by stating that in his opinion AEW will be able to take advantage of the rumors of a sale of WWE to an Arab fund: "I think now with this WWE affair going on, the fact that Vince is about to sell the company to an Arab fund, I think is a very controversial decision and something AEW can benefit from though.

Our federation is run by good people who always perform impeccably. Once again I can't stress enough that Tony Khan is extraordinary as a human being. He's always very open to listening to other people's ideas but has started to protect himself more over time.

It's not an easy job to lead a big wrestling federation anyway." Speaking on his "Extreme Life" podcast, the former WWE Superstar spoke openly about how eager Triple H was to bring members of The Elite into WWE, and in Hangman Page's case, NXT.

"I didn’t talk to Adam Page, I did talk to the Young Bucks a lot because they were also in negotiations," said Matt Hardy. WWE was trying to get all these guys (...) Triple H was all over those guys (...) They offered these guys a ton of money (...) because they really wanted to secure them."