Dax Harwood reflects on his future

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Dax Harwood reflects on his future

After a very successful and stellar 2022 with three titles brought to life at the same time for most of the year, FTR seems to have taken a break from professional wrestling for this start to 2023. FTR lost the AAA titles and ROH in December of last year and kicked off 2023 by also losing their last IWGP title to Yoshi Hashi and Hirooki Goto at NJPW's Wrestle Kingdom 17 on January 4th.

FTR's last appearance in AEW was on the December 21st edition of Dynamite, where they lost to The Gunn Club. After losing all their crowns in quick succession, the future of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler is now uncertain.

Dax Harwood talks about the future of FTR

During the latest episode of his podcast, former WWE Scott Dawson revealed that he and Cash Wheeler have been given time off from AEW: “I have Tony Khan's blessing to talk about it and make a statement about it.

Tony has been nothing but the best to me and Cash since day one. There are things we don't agree on, like no boss and no employee. There are times I have felt that new opportunities were missing for us. There are times when I was super happy with everything we were doing but there has come a time where we are at the end of our careers.

At this point in our career, it's the most important moment. I mean from a monetary, creative and personal point of view. We asked for and received months of rest to be able to reflect and decide what to do. Whatever move we decide, it will be the last one concerning wrestling." Dax Harwood confirmed that FTR's future will be revealed by April, when their contracts with AEW expire: “By April we will have an answer.

I have to take into consideration my health, my family, my creativity and my personal life. I know what I want to do, but whatever choice we have to make, I just want it to be respected." Despite his prodigious skills in the ring, AEW star Dax Harwood apparently felt "inferior" after a match involving former WWE Superstar, Ricky Steamboat.

"I watched from the apron in amazement tonight. It had nothing to do with his moves or his athleticism. I was in awe of the little things he did. Things that made millions fall in absolute love with Ricky. They all reacted to the man; not the moves. I felt inferior tonight."