Backstage problems for Mercedes Moné

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Backstage problems for Mercedes Moné

On January 4, 2023 Mercedes Moné officially debuted in NJPW after leaving WWE as Sasha Banks following some problems encountered with the creative team who could not, according to her point of view and that of her tag partner Naomi, manage properly the women's tag titles and the women's tag division.

During her debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17, Moné openly challenged the IWGP Women's Champion KAIRI, who is certainly not a stranger to her, in fact the two have clashed several times in WWE, with the Japanese calling herself Kairi Sane .

The match for the belt will take place on February 18th at Battle In The Valley.

Update on Mercedes Moné

After all this, Mercedes Moné, who in herself is a very social person, shared various photos and various posts with her fans on social networks where she showed that she had trained with some of the best joshi, or Japanese women wrestlers, around.

In his latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, noted journalist Dave Meltzer explained that such photos and footage have become a problem backstage at NJPW: of STARDOM and more than the IWGP Women's Title. She posted photos from the Sendai girls' dojo saying she so wanted to wrestle women wrestlers for that promotion and also for Tokyo Joshi Pro.

The general sentiment is that now that she's with Bushiroad, she should only promote companies who are from Bushiroad in Japan”. Meltzer clarified that Moné did not go to any shows or STARDOM dojos while she was in Japan, saying that probably no one explained to her the mentality she has in Japan regarding these things.

Recall that Bushiroad is the company that owns both NJPW and STARDOM. Jim Cornette commented on the segment on the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, where he compared it to a basketball player breaking his leg during the first play of a game.

“I don’t know what the f**k happened, they just – they fell into a crumpled f**king heap, like a Salvation Army drop box. And then, Mercedes Mone gets the microphone and does – and you can’t call that a promo – she spoke words on the microphone.

Was she drugged? Was she hypnotized? Was she having a medically induced coma suddenly come on? Was she shocked that she had just fumbled everything? Because that’s the equivalent of a g*d d**n basketball player coming out on a f**king court and the first play, grabs the ball, does a dunk and breaks his f**king leg”.