Mercedes Moné will participate in a movie

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Mercedes Moné will participate in a movie

Popular entertainment site Deadline has revealed that Mercedes Varnado, formerly Sasha Banks and current Mercedes Moné, has joined the cast of the new movie “The Collective”. The wrestler will play the role of Nikita, someone who has been referred to as a blade-wielding corporate pit bull and head of security.

The wrestler had revealed on Twitter on December 4, 2022 that she had finished shooting her first film. The cast already includes Lucas Till, Ruby Rose, Tyrese Gibson, Paul Ben-Victory and Don Johnson. The shooting of the film has recently concluded and the plot is described as a group of righteous assassins called The Collective target a highly sophisticated human trafficking ring backed by a network of untouchable billionaires.

“Backed into a corner, The Collective has no choice but to place their most important mission in the hands of a rookie assassin, Sam Alexander (Till). What he lacks in experience, he makes up for in wit, grit and a keen ability to improvise in the most dangerous situations.

He is aided in his journey by Hugo (Gibson) and Liam (Johnson), former CIA agents turned vigilantes. They clash against Daisy (Rose), the cunning general manager of this evil and underground organization.

Mercedes Moné made her debut in NJPW

Since Sasha Banks left the company to simply be herself, she has jumped into different projects and done a lot of things always in the entertainment world, stepping away from the wrestling rings for several months, although she recently returned to NJPW under the name of Mercedes Moné to challenge KAIRI, current IWGP Women's Champion.

The Legit Boss during the months following the much-discussed walkout with Naomi, had also registered several trademarks to be used in the entertainment world, revealing: “There is so much that I am creating right now.

It's all part of a grand plan. I am an amazing actress, writer, producer and entertainer. All in those fields, I'm doing something. You just have to stay tuned”. Mercedes Moné and several WWE stars recently came in touch with former AEW Tag Team Champion Dax Harwood.

On a recent episode of his FTR podcast, he spoke about how he spent time with various other stars he had not seen in ages. "I guess I did (reunite with some old friends). Japan was such a great homecoming, reunion, whatever you wanna call it.

Man, seeing Mercedes (Moné) and seeing Pam (Bayley), Naomi, seeing Karl Anderson, it was such a great time, so fun."