Tony Khan on his obligations at the clubs and AEW

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Tony Khan on his obligations at the clubs and AEW

Tony Khan is a man with many responsibilities. However, he is used to such a life and it would be strange for him if it were not so. Speaking to The Rich Eisen Show, Khan talked about how he manages his time, considering he owns AEW, the Jacksonville Jaguars, and Fulham FC.

Tony still manages to meet all his obligations, even though there are many of them. “I started out, and I would be in the football office 80 hours a week. Now, because originally when I started working at Fulham, I started outsourcing some of my work that I would do as far as the analytics on the weekly opponent, or the team, to self-scout, or free agency, some of that stuff.

I’m still doing a good amount of the work in the office, and also, I have a laptop I bring on the road; it’s out in the car in the parking lot here and I take it everywhere I go."- he said, as quoted by

Khan family

Tony Khan has several laptops that he uses for different purposes.

It's hard to schedule time when you have so many things to do, but he clearly manages it. The Khan family is an example that hard work leads to great results. Tony and his father continue to grow their businesses and have shown their love for the sport many times.

"I’m at the wrestling show and I have my NFL laptop ready to go while I’m writing the match card, laying out who’s gonna wrestle who on the big match, and I also have my NFL laptop, I might have the coach at Fulham calling to talk about players.

You have to be ready to multitask, just like as a parent, you have multiple kids, multiple responsibilities, and you love everything you’re doing.“