MJF goes out of character on social media

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MJF goes out of character on social media

In the last episode of AEW Rampage, a Street Fight was staged in the main event starring four wrestlers who did not spare themselves at all and gave their all to entertain the fans, as we told you in our usual report. In fact, the team formed by Ruby Soho and Willow Nightingale and the one formed by TayJay, or Tay Melo and Anna Jay, the only two women to be part of the stable Jericho Appreciation Society, clashed.

Obviously being a match that requires the use of different objects, the four wrestlers did not come out completely unscathed from the contest, in fact for example Ruby Soho was bleeding profusely from her forehead, already used to doing similar matches, while Anna Jay took an important blow to the head, even if everything seems okay for both of them.

AEW World Champion MJF listed off a number of his biggest and most controversial fans on last week's episode of Dynamite.

MJF is very ambitious

Fans obviously flocked to social media either to praise the match or to criticize it harshly, with many who simply do not appreciate all that blood on any occasion, which AEW often uses too much, but with others who wanted to harshly criticize the dispute only because there were women doing it, even though they were very good at it.

Unfortunately, as in every match, made by both men and women, it can happen that there is a botch and so it was also on this occasion, because unfortunately Willow Nightingale took the measurements of a table that was under the stage wrong, making a Powebomb to poor Anna Jay who instead of landing on the piece of wood landed directly on her head on the floor.

However, it was MJF who responded to the various criticisms, who wanted to defend the former Dark Order with a tweet, then unfortunately deleting the tweet which perhaps came out a little too much from his character. The AEW champion wrote: “What we do is real.

Our lives can end in that ring in an instant. Anna Jay has put her body on the line for your enjoyment and you have the balls to criticize her. That's why I'm in no hurry to please internet fans. I rush to please my wallet”.

Jim Cornette even stated that he is one of Maxwell Jacob Friedman's biggest fans: "Again, I am his number one fan, so he didn’t tell a lie and I don’t mind him bandying my name around for a moment of heat from the rabble.

That’s more than fine, but to be grouped in with the other guys [Disco Inferno & Eric Bischoff] I guess sometimes we’ve got to put up with these things”.