Jeff Jarrett calls out many after a bizarre move

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Jeff Jarrett calls out many after a bizarre move

Jeff Jarrett is one of the main topics of the past few days after his bizarre move. At one point, Jarrett hit Paul Walter Hauser in the head with a guitar. Jeff talked about his move in an interview with the My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast “The little doughboy, Paul Walter Hausen.

I mean, a glorified, glory hound, LA Scrum. You caught me out of left field. I had no idea you’re gonna go down this rabbit hole this early. Another guy who’s in a long, long line of morons and imbeciles that want to step into our industry, and I’m going with Beetlejuice, Gary Coleman, the list goes on and on, C-lists actors who like to get up and say,’ I’m fanboy this and I’m fanboy that, and I got a lot of respect for this.’- he said, as quoted by

Jeff Jarrett

He hasn't forgotten a few other names that frustrate him.

“Conrad, you know as well as I do. Could you not see through this? He’s an actor. He is up in the middle of the ring, in the middle of the Kia Forum, which set a record box office. I wrestled in that building. Alex Marvez said the last time I was in the building wrestling was 1994.

So how’s that trivia? But back to Walter Hausen? Conrad, can you imagine a guy that is doing pretty good for a C-list actor? I mean, he’s a journeyman. He’s like, you know, journeyman wrestlers. He’s a journeyman actor.

He’s gonna have a nice little run and then he’ll be forgotten about, but he’s trying to step into our world and comes up with his silly one liners and says I look like an owner of a Crunch Fitness or taking potshots and all that.

Well, again, he ended up in the same place that Beetlejuice ,and Gary Coleman, and Moolah, and Mae, and Ben Stiller, and all the other C-lists folks that kind of stepped their toe in our business.