Maria Kanellis on Billy Corgan's decision


Maria Kanellis on Billy Corgan's decision

In an interview with Steve Fall's Ten Count, Maria Kanellis talked about Billy Corgan's decision not to put on all-PPV: women's. Kanellis still has respect for Corgan and what he accomplished. However, she had to say some things openly.

“I like Billy,” Kanellis said, as quoted by “I’ve known him for years now. He was always like a big supporter of Mike and myself when we were in Impact. So you know, our first run there was awesome, and a lot of the creative ideas, a lot of them came from him.

So I think that’s number one. Number two, I didn’t comment on what Billy had said. I had been asked a question and never called Billy out. I wouldn’t do that. What happened was I was asked a question about an all women’s show and my answer is going to be the same”.


She thinks they have enough talent to put on a real show. “For us, we run an all women’s show. We do it every three months about right now. We’ll probably continue to do an all women’s show where we are able to tape 10 episodes every three months.

Do we have the talent within Women’s Wrestling Army to put on a pay-per- view? Yes. That’s our product as a whole. Our product is an all women’s or mostly women’s wrestling company. So we have to be able to say that we can put on a show, otherwise, we don’t have a product, if that makes sense.

Like, if we can’t put on a show, then we don’t have a ship. I think that’s the biggest thing for us”. “Maybe it doesn’t work for Billy, and maybe it doesn’t work for NWA and the style they want to put out or for the reasons that he’s outlined in the past, then, you know, that’s his decision.

For us, because we’re an all women’s show, we have to be able to say that we can put out that product. At the end of the day, I think it is going to continue to be my answer”.

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