Eric Bischoff on the possibility of the Khan family buying WWE

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Eric Bischoff on the possibility of the Khan family buying WWE

Eric Bischoff talked about selling WWE on his 83 Weeks podcast. There have been rumors that the Khan family might buy WWE. Eric Bischoff reacted to such rumors: “Acquiring WWE is, that’s a big, giant move. I don’t see it.

Now, could it happen? Sure, anything is possible. But if you really think about it, does the Khan enterprise have the experience, knowledge, infrastructure, ability to run a company as complex as WWE? … They may be in the same business, but they don’t live and play in the same universe."- he said, as quoted by

Tony Khan and his family

The Khan family owns a lot.

It would be a really interesting situation, but there is little chance of it happening. Bischoff also had to mention Tony Khan and the fact that his father made so much money. Would Vince McMahon really allow the Khan family to take over the WWE? “This isn’t Tony Khan’s money, it’s Tony Khan’s father’s money.

Family money, Tony has a big chunk of it, obviously part of it, but how much of your 11 billion dollars of your net worth, depending on how much of it is even liquid, are you willing to put on WWE? Just like Vince [McMahon] would probably have to put up half a billion dollars of his own money because they [Khan family] want to see that, okay, if you’re going to lead this charge and we’re going to jump on your team here to do this and make this acquisition, we want to know that you have skin in the game too.

We are not just buying your name and your reputation, they want to know that you’re in it to win it, and the same would be true with the Khan family”. Interesting things on the wrestling scene