Tony Khan on FTR: They do need some time to recover

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Tony Khan on FTR: They do need some time to recover

"In the Kliq podcast" was a great chance for Tony Khan to talk about FTR whose contract expires in April this year. Khan thinks highly of them and hopes they will return “I do hope to see FTR back. They do need some time to recover from what was one of the most intense years of wrestling any team’s ever done — the schedule they went through, all the different places they worked”.

- he said, as quoted by “So I think, for those guys, we wanna see them back in AEW and wanna see them heal up and come back at 100 percent. We’re really looking forward to that, hopefully. I think they’re a great team and would love to have them back”.

Tony Khan and WWE

In a guest appearance on The Maggie & Perloff Show, Tony Khan talked about the WWE purchase option. Such an option seems interesting to Khan, but the question is how realistic it is. Many things would change with his arrival and it would be really strange to see him at the head of WWE.

“I am interested in the news that there is potentially a sales process and certainly, I think we’ve shown, when there are acquisitions and transactions, we’re capable of making the big purchases, whether my dad steps up with the (Jacksonville) Jaguars or Fulham FC in the Premier League and he’s done such a great job building up the club and putting resources into it and we’re playing football at a high level.

With AEW, we’ve shown that we can build a company. Even when I purchased Ring of Honor, that’s a very different thing than WWE, but Ring of Honor is a company with 20 years of history and I really have enjoyed running it and we’ve shown that we’re at all time highs in terms of every business metric since we relaunched it and it’s only going to get better.

AEW is my main focus, but certainly, when that news is out there, it’s very interesting. Stay tuned to AEW Dynamite and AEW Rampage, you never know when I’m going to address something. On the other hand, it’s very preliminary to talk about that process.

If there is a process there, which it sounds like there may be, I’m interested in being part of it”.