AEW officially removes an athlete

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AEW officially removes an athlete

In recent years, WWE has released several talents from NXT and also from the main roster, with Chairman Vince McMahon having decided in his last period in WWE to embark on a completely different journey and job with the third roster of his company, compared to to the work that his son-in-law Triple H had instead done in recent years.

Among the many fired, there was also the management of NXT in the middle, with names like Samoa Joe, Dave Kapoor, Road Dogg and William Regal who were all fired overnight, because the WWE Chairman wanted a new spirit, a new lifeblood for his color show, but now back under the creative control of the Triple.

After the momentary farewell to Vince McMahon's company, HHH has begun to sign several NXT and main roster athletes that the old Chairman had torpedoed, as seen in recent weeks and months, except for some athletes who instead have already signed with AEW.

These large waves of releases, however, had begun on April 15, 2020, when in the midst of the global covid pandemic, WWE had started a program to shrink its rosters, cutting numerous names from all parts of its organization.

In addition to having numerous layoffs, due to the management of Vince McMahon, numerous other athletes have also asked for their release, such as Andrade, Dean Ambrose Gran Metalik, Adam Cole or the late Luke Harper.

AQA officially leaves AEW

One of the many athletes who had left NXT due to the budget cuts desired by Vince McMahon, is AQA, who however immediately found a new accommodation with AEW, signing a contract in February last year.

After making just a few appearances with AEW, AQA disappeared from the limelight. As reported in the last few hours by the well-known website Fightful, AQA has been officially removed from the AEW roster, also from the company's official website page.

All this means that the girl's contract with the company has ended and the same girl in one of her last interviews had confirmed how she would have even taken a step back, leaving the pro-wrestling business for the moment.

These are the words of the last hours of the journalists of the well-known US site: “Former NXT AQA talent has been officially removed from the AEW roster page and we have been told that her contract with the company has ended. She announced that she would be stepping away from wrestling this past July”.