Road Dogg slams CM Punk


Road Dogg slams CM Punk

Former AEW World Champion CM Punk has also come under fire from WWE legend Road Dogg. As everyone knows by now, the Chicago star has been suspended indefinitely by AEW for starting a backstage brawl after the 'All Out' PPV.

As if that weren't enough, Punk is recovering from a tricep injury and there is no certain news about his future. Some believe that it makes no sense to continue investing in him, while others would be delighted to see him again in WWE nine years after the last time.

The 'Second City Saint' had left the Stamford company in 2014 due to some disagreements with the management and had taken a long break from wrestling. Landing in All Elite Wrestling seemed like the beginning of a new epic, but things didn't go the right way.

We'll see if Punk is able to get back on track again this time.

Road Dogg slams CM Punk

In the latest edition of the ‘Oh… You Didn’t Know’ podcast, Road Dogg harshly criticized CM Punk: “I didn't intend to address this topic, but so many people keep asking me questions about it.

Even before he landed in AEW, I knew very well what CM Punk was like. Now the whole world has noticed what kind of him he is. It's not easy to deal with him at all." In a long interview with Sportskeeda, Dan Lambert expressed his sincere opinion on CM Punk: “CM Punk is a rather complicated enigma to decipher.

He is very good both in the ring and on the microphone, in fact he has always had many supporters. His rebellious nature appeals to a lot of people and we notice it every time he steps into the ring. It's not easy to manage CM Punk, because he struggles to abide by the rules and feels the need to express all his frustration." For the uninitiated, 'Brawl Out' is the expression that was coined to identify the backstage brawl that took place in September after 'All Out 2022'

During his outburst, the 'Second City Saint' shot scoreless against Colt Cabana, the Young Bucks and Hangman Adam Page. CM Punk became emotional after his first televised WWE match as part of the revamped ECW brand, according to Justin Credible.

"It was a great match for TV, for his debut especially, and he was super cool. I remember, and this is not an exaggeration – my wife was there, she can attest to this as well – he came up to me and literally was in tears thanking me [on] how well it went.

He was so grateful for the opportunity. I'm like, 'Brother, it's your ball now. God bless you. Do good with it.' "

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